Ahmad szabo - luck has a million meanings.

"They can't hide from me forever," said Sillakh of fellow top light heavies Jean Pascal (WBC #3 ranked), Chad Dawson (WBC #1 ranked), and Bernard Hopkins (WBC champion). "Enough excuses. Just get in the ring and fight. We're fighters."

Get your skates on
8 December

‘Silver. Skate. Seventies’ – a collection of never-before-seen Hugh Holland prints currently on view at M+B Photo – depict California’s skateboard revolution of the 70s, which ‘spread like wildfire all over Southern California.’ The collection captures the poise and strength of boarders carving up in the drainage and ditches along the Laurel Canyon Boulevard. In monochrome, we catch a glimpse of the early artistic flair which helped to define his later colour practice. Until 31 January 2018.

Pictured: Go For It, Viper Bowl, Hollywood, CA, by Hugh Holland, 1976. © The artist

Writer: Samantha Thompson

The following doses have been studied in scientific research:


Be sure to wash your hands after applying capsaicin cream. A diluted vinegar solution works well. You won’t be able to get the capsaicin off with just water. Don’t use capsicum preparations near the eyes or on sensitive skin. It could cause burning.

INSIDE THE NOSE: Putting capsaicin in the nose can be very painful, so a local painkilling medicine such as lidocaine is often put into the nose first.